The term “accompanying partner” is often used towards couples where the one arrived with the big job, and the other must start from scratch. Many new Hanoians have taken this opportunity to try something new. Vietnam’s capital has a myriad of meetups for women including HIWC, Empowering Perspectives, and AWAF to name a few. Although men sometimes miss out.  

Hosting many of Hanoi’s long-term transplants, ClickSpace prides itself on lending the helping hand for these career re-inventors. Partner in SpaceBar and ClickSpace, Jody O’Dea wanted to allow these accompanying partner men to present their paths to achieving their goals, share ideas, and informally network. It was called the Hanoi International Men’s Meetup(HIMM).  

Through a series of PechaKucha presentations, men shed light on how they made it happen; to inspire, encourage, and informally make professional connections.

“Our first HIMM: Connect event was the perfect fit for ClickSpace. What started out as 4 individual presentations evolved into a laid-back round table discussion about getting things done in Hanoi – over a few beers, naturally! We heard all about the genuine challenges facing accompanying partners many of which are also true for any digital nomad in Hanoi. What transpired is exactly what we had hoped – people making connections and identifying solutions to problems,” Jody O’Dea.  

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