After a successful season of cozy Wednesdays, SpaceBar has announced a new lineup of films. The series kicks off with the remake of the classic Stephen King horror, IT. Sure to scare like the original, we’ll keep an extra light on during this one. Second in the lineup is the cultural clash rom-com, The Big Sick.

This season we kept our theme of understated classics with a nod to the upcoming Oscars. Many selections in this series are hopefuls for the Academy Awards or Best Picture winners from years past. You can experience Rocky and Annie Hall with surround sound in our cozy café.

Visit our café to pick up a pamphlet detailing all the selections and dates. There are no scheduled discussions after the films, rather we turn the lights back on and let guests comfortably chat and enjoy our full menu.

The movies are every Wednesday at 7:00PM. Find us at Villa 15 Alley 58/76 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho, Hanoi.

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