Three women with a love for travel and sharing culture are giving a voice to highly talented artisans in South East Asia. Each purchase can help their livelihoods and continue traditions. Beautiful, handmade pieces are sourced from three corners of the world, hence the name, The World’s Corner.  

On Thanksgiving weekend, we proudly hosted four vendors and a weaving workshop. Vendors from Lao Cai (Hmong), Nghe An (Thai), Dac Son (Dao Lo), Ha Giang (Hmong) setup tables selling macramé plant holders and handbags, silk scarves, loom woven wallets, hand sewn animals, shoes, and electronics cases. People could browse, shop, and attend a weaving workshop to learn the intricate details of the crafts.  

Traditional craftsmanship was passed down from their parents and grandparents at a very young age. Perfecting it over the years, they hope to continue to share these treasured traditions.  

Patricia Chourio, one of the founders said, “We promote handmade and traditional craftsmanship by writing stories highlighting the work and talent of our artisans. I am currently promoting our project in the USA and working on upcoming community events taking place in Atlanta, GA to create awareness of our mission. Once we sell a collection we return 15% of our sales to the artisans so they can continue their business and supporting their families. In the future, we hope to create programs to support the development of the communities where our artisans live.” 

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